So What is a ULF system ?

A ULF system is made up of camera, lens, and supports ...

... along with a number of film holders, and other accessories necessary for making an exposure including darkcloth and light meter and loupe, all contained in something to make it transportable. Preferably an SUV…

The prototype featured on these pages was built to try out several new ideas about how a ULF system might operate, and the feedback from using the prototype has been invaluable

C1117 System ready to go 11x17 7x17 c1117 camera ulf

Based on the feedback from the first 11x17 prototype, the C1117, the next camera in this size will be-

An 11x17 multi format camera system that weighs around 10kg total, including camera, lens, darkcloth, tripod and extra supports, and a minimum of 5 film holders in a protective case.

There isn't much point, in my opinion, of designing a lightweight camera while neglecting the issue of the weight of the film holders, when film holders make up so much of the weight of the complete system.

The next prototype will have light weight as a primary goal. A field camera will not require a 9" century style board; I think a Sinar or Arca size board would be more appropriate, although I'd still like to be able use a recessed board to allow the lens to be carried in the folded camera. I'm undecided about the remote control front tilt; it doesn't add that much weight, but it does add complexity, and cost.

Although the major concepts of the C1117 will be retained, the camera will change in almost every detail, to produce a lighter, stronger and more manageable camera.

The next camera will inform the two other formats I'm working on, the 8x12, and the 14x20, but the 11x17 hits a sweet spot for ULF- it would be great to make it so that it complies with airline carry on baggage limits, and I'm looking forward to being able to travel with one suitcase rather than two ...

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