One Frame


C1117 11x17 7x17 c1117 camera ulf C1117 11x17 7x17 c1117 camera ulf
Housatonic, CT
Housatonic, CT

While I was taking the pictures at Bull's Bridge- The rocks in the water are pretty fair game for photographers, and while I was there I turned the camera onto them. It must be said that this is quite a crop from 8x10, the longest lens I was travelling with was the 450 Nikkor M, which gives something like the angle of view of a 65mm on a 35mm camera. I really wasn't tempted into getting any closer by getting my feet wet here.

The image size is something like 7"x4", but one of the advantages of large format is that you can choose to crop quite severely and still retain quite a lot of image information- there are still quite a huge number of megapixels in this picture, if you were to be interested in counting them.

Again, testing the camera, that's the reasoning behind this one. There are possibilities of making nice photographs within this genre, finding myself on the banks of those rapids, the temptation proved to be just too much. A lens between 600 - 700mm would be good, going forward...