One Frame

Canyon of the Ancients Ranch, Colorado

 Canyon of the Ancients Ranch, Colorado C1117  11x17 7x17 c1117 camera ulf

We stayed here for a few days, and could easily have stayed longer. The owners have a very eclectic collection of art and Americana, and there were surprises everywhere, with very many possibilities for image making. This one, as all the others, shot on 11x17 x-ray film, unfortunately overdeveloped, and much too grainy.

Taken in the early afternoon, in the high sun in the week after the solstice. Usually not a recommended time for making pictures. I shot most of these with a yellow filter, to try to put some tone in the sky, and at least that worked out ok...

The x-ray film does show some promise, but it's going to need much more careful handling, both in loading and unloading, and in processing. It's quite tough after processing, but before that it's much too susceptible to damage. As part of a hybrid film/digital workflow, it's possible to get away with it, but for contact printing, which is the main reason for using a camera like this, it's just too much of an unnecessary risk.